Set Phasers to LOL


You better point that gun someplace else. Ahhhh you're just happy to see me no worries. This "pinnacle" of human achievement has defined the modern world ever since it's inception, so if you like you're firearms, lock and load and get ready to have a blast.

Give me the gun. It's my turn to shoot the zombies.

Charlie Matheson gun revolution score Tracy Spiridakos zombie - 6577270016
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You know that's full of paintballs, right?

gun warehouse 13 myka berring joanne kelly - 6610234112
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I'm Sorry, He's Currently Cowering in a Corner

adam baldwin director Firefly gun jayne cobb new - 5799635968
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When this guy gets it I totally want his gun!

gun hershel greene scott wilson The Walking Dead zombie - 6428646400
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Won't Make that Mistake Twice

andrew lee potts connor temple gun Primeval - 5894739712
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Ainsi, tu es mort...

joe pistol gun french Joseph Gordon-Levitt looper pew pew - 6742876416
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Responsible Parenting

Andrew Lincoln carl grimes gun parenting Rick Grimes The Walking Dead zombie - 6158258176
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Andrew Lincoln gun Rick Grimes sophia threat The Walking Dead zombie - 6329598720
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Die Water

anger die gun movies rihanna water - 5548011520
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This may not be much of a gun, but one pew is the same as all pews so I suggest youhand over the chocolate.

Skylar Adams pew gun threat summer glau chocolate Alphas - 6724474624
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This is Shirley

adam baldwin Firefly gun hurt jayne cobb - 5823327488
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Nobody move or the Big Mac gets it!

burger joe bruce willis gun threat looper - 6696972800
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And now I can't wash my blankie!

Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln daryl dixon norman reedus gun The Walking Dead - 6724521728
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Ianto Loves His Coffee...

angry coffee gareth david-lloyd gun ianto jones threat Torchwood - 6280181760
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Gotta Clue?

gun looper - 6828303104
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Not logical at all actually.

writers cliches movies Spock Zachary Quinto gun Vulcan Star Trek logic star trek into darkness - 6979044096
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