Set Phasers to LOL


Go Genetically Engineer Yourself a New One

Colin Ferguson engineer eureka science sheriff jack carter - 6564951552
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Thanks, DoD

Colin Ferguson eureka government sheriff jack carter threat - 6388856064
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These weather reports get more complicated all the time

weather Felicia Day eureka complicated - 6787757568
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But This One's Cool Too

disappointment douglas fargo eureka Felicia Day holly marten innuendo neil grayston - 6340054016
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His Friend Seems Miffed

arrested Colin Ferguson eureka reindeer santa sheriff jack carter - 5541371136
By Unknown

Yeah, this could never happen

allison blake cancelled Colin Ferguson eureka government jack carter laughing never Sad salli richardson-whitfiel salli richardson-whitfield - 6438818816
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Riker's Beard. Artifact.

crossover eureka Felicia Day warehouse 13 - 5419798272
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Looks like Nyan Cat

atomic Colin Ferguson eureka henry deacon jack carter joe morton reindeer WoW - 6256371456
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You Know, it's days like this that make me ask...

Colin Ferguson confused eureka henry deacon joe morton scotty sheriff jack carter - 6288080896
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THOUGHT that accent was unfamiliar!

jack carter Colin Ferguson eureka accent - 6824008704
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Taggart's experiments tended to run a bit amuck

jack carter experiment Colin Ferguson eureka - 6765542144
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Genius-Level IQs

Colin Ferguson eureka genius kick ass sheriff jack carter - 5510869760
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They won't last long...

allison blake jack carter Colin Ferguson eureka reality salli richardson-whitfield Father - 6785492480
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So apparently it's NOT a costume bad, guys

Colin Ferguson eureka fargo jack carter mistake - 6334100992
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I'm sure Julia can wait till after tea

wil wheaton neil grayston Felicia Day eureka rock paper scissors douglas fargo - 6774359296
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Leaving Eureka

episode eureka leaving Sad syfy - 6434041344
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