Set Phasers to LOL


So apparently it's NOT a costume bad, guys

Colin Ferguson eureka fargo jack carter mistake - 6334100992
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Back on the Ski-Doos

c3p0 christmas special claymation Colin Ferguson Death Star eureka mix up sheriff jack carter - 6186533632
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I'll just have the milk, thanks

cafe diem Colin Ferguson diet eureka sheriff jack carter - 6468292352
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These weather reports get more complicated all the time

weather Felicia Day eureka complicated - 6787757568
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...But thanks for noticing!

jack carter Colin Ferguson eureka nothing - 6770722048
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Common sense--it always saved the day

Colin Ferguson eureka gadget science sheriff jack carter solution - 6443780864
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That'll teach him to Lol on Company time!

neil grayston lol eureka douglas fargo - 6780991232
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Lately I've felt like There's a wall between us

allison blake Colin Ferguson eureka relationship salli richardson-whitfiel salli richardson-whitfield sheriff jack carter wall - 6305365248
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Guess I Won't be Sitting Today

Colin Ferguson eureka sheriff jack carter - 5551653888
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camera douglas fargo erica cerra eureka jo lupo listen neil grayston - 6484451840
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Maybe this isn't the guy we need for Sheriff after all...

cafe diem eureka fargo house sheriff - 6451800832
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How do so many smart people manage to be so stupid so often?

eureka Colin Ferguson sheriff jack carter stupid question - 6620653824
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School Budgets

broken budget eureka kids school - 6326403840
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Colin Ferguson eureka featurette season sheriff jack carter syfy Video - 36029185

Eureka: A Look Back

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It's gonna be a wild nerd day

fargo jo lupo erica cerra jack carter worried Colin Ferguson eureka dogs weird - 6764500224
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The Reason Jack Keeps his Resume Updated

Colin Ferguson dinosaur erica cerra eureka henry deacon jo lupo joe morton riding robot sheriff jack carter - 6376532480
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