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The Daleks are F*cked tonight

daleks doctor who 9th doctor - 7788587776
By BrunoMeza

I'm over 700 years old and that is the DUMBEST S**T I've ever heard!

old the doctor Matt Smith doctor who dumb - 6997727744
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Dalek Humour is Different

daleks die doctor who Exterminate humor jokes laughing Matt Smith the doctor - 6327993344
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Kittens Are Cooler

Cats cool cute David Tennant doctor who fashion FEZ kitten - 5443853568
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Jelly Babies

jelly babies doctor who spaceship Matt Smith karen gillan amy pond the doctor rory williams arthur darvill dinosaurs - 6568775424
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An Even Sadder Scene

angel billie piper Buffy Buffy the Vampire Slayer crying David Boreanaz doctor who please rose tyler Sad Sarah Michelle Gellar scene - 5983113728
By Unknown
friends doctor who 50th anniversary - 57726465

The Friends Theme Gives the Fiftieth Anniversary a Very Different Feeling

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First a Weeping Angel and Now This?

karen gillan daleks doctor who amy pond - 7139028480
By Unknown

Did You Know Spielberg Was a Whovian?

sonic screwdriver doctor who - 7763974400
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actors amy pond doctor who karen gillan Matt Smith toys - 6282536960
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Doctor and K-9

doctor who Fan Art jelly babies k-9 the doctor - 6593724160
Via Roger Langridge

Ride-in Dalek

dalek doctor who driving Exterminate kids toy - 5415753472
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animated christopher eccleston dalek David Tennant doctor who doctors donna noble Matt Smith Video - 37153025

Doctor Who Animated

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crossover star wars Fan Art wall.e doctor who futurama - 7156961792
By Sup123

Sonic Sniper Rifle

David Tennant doctor who please star wars stormtrooper video games wood - 6104619776
By ZackieChan

Something Suspicious

Alan Rickman Daniel Radcliffe doctor who emma watson harry Harry Potter hermione granger Ron Weasley rupert grint snape suspicious tardis the doctor - 5827993600
By Unknown