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You're a classic example of the inverse ratio betweeen the size of the mouth and the size of the brain.

brain burn doctor who insult mouth stupid the doctor tom baker - 6123967232
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doctor who Fringe future interview joshua jackson mtv peter bishop Video - 32848385

Joshua Jackson on the Future of Fringe

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David Tennant the doctor Matt Smith doctor who - 6680558592
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the iron throne brace yourself christmas special Game of Thrones the doctor Matt Smith doctor who - 6747648512
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The First Doctor Doesn't Cry Over Lost Companions

classic who scifi doctor who - 7460168448
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Daleks Are The Superior Cleaners!

dalek dirt doctor who Exterminate humans skin - 5641986560
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dalek doctor who fries - 5672030976
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My Money's on the Fridge

amy pond clean dirty doctor who fridge Matt Smith the doctor universe - 6340103680
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Blink and You'll Be Slightly Uncomfortable

3-d glasses blink David Tennant doctor who the doctor weeping angels - 5353770496
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Issue Three Cover of the Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover

best of the week Captain Kirk comics cover art crossover cybermen doctor who Spock Star Trek the doctor tom baker - 6132586496
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There I have corrected it for you, Dr Who is filmed in Cardiff, Wales

props tardis daleks doctor who - 7508169472
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There's a New Wizard in Oz

best of the week doctor who mashup tardis wizard of oz Yellow Brick Road - 6166853888
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Time to fix the Chameleon Circuit for good!

karen gillan fix the doctor phone tardis police box Matt Smith doctor who amy pond - 6682815232
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You Built a TARDIS Out of a Delorean?

DeLorean Doc Brown doctor who the doctor tom baker - 5826516736
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The Doctor Dances

bow ties cartoons dancing doctor who drawing Matt Smith - 5465376000
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Lightsabers are Cool

best of the week cool crossover doctor who Jedi lightsaber luke skywalker Mark Hamill Matt Smith star wars the doctor - 5981387520
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