Set Phasers to LOL


beverly crusher brent spiner Captain Picard data deanna troi Geordi La Forge Jonathan Frakes Michael Dorn patrick stewart Star Trek Star trek the next generation star trek: The next gener Video wesley crusher wil wheaton william riker Worf - 40693249

The Cast of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Sings "Call Me Maybe"

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Forever a Droid

brent spiner bridge data droid enterprise forever alone Star Trek - 5468375808
By OryuKitty

Big Damn Heroes, Engage

brent spiner data jean-luc picard patrick stewart serenity Star Trek - 5337393408
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android brent spiner Captain Picard data Geordi Laforge levar burton patrick stewart Star Trek - 6233798656
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Um, Excuse Me

brent spiner data excuse me KISS Star Trek wtf - 5342015488

Clearly a Security Threat

brent spiner cat data Michael Dorn spot Star Trek Worf - 5443996160
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That's Perfectly Normal, Data

brent spiner captain data red dwarf Star Trek the next generation - 6490486528
By PrincessWordplay
brent spiner creepy levar burton the next generation data Star Trek - 46534657

Creepy Star Trek TNG Makeup Tests

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Are you going to Scarborough Faire?

brent spiner Michael Dorn Worf levar burton the next generation data Star Trek Geordi Laforge - 6832095744
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The Ship's Computers Could Use an Upgrade

brent spiner computers data Star Trek - 5456554240
By TurboTarg (Via

Levar Burton Was a Maybe

crossover community data handshake Geordi La Forge - 8015660544
Via Troy and Abed In Engineering

Lt. Cmdr Fred and Dr. Ginger

beverly crusher brent spiner dancing data fred gates mcfadden ginger Star Trek - 6187765760
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Dat(a) Ass

brent spiner dat ass data nice Star Trek Staring the next generation - 6563925248
By Unknown

I God to Swear... There is no Blood in my Alcohol Stream

alcohol brent spiner Captain Picard data drunk mixup Star Trek - 6500818944
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brent spiner Captain Picard data math panic patrick stewart test - 6553042944
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brent spiner Captain Picard data facepalm patrick stewart Star Trek stupid the next generation - 6488713472
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