Set Phasers to LOL


Smile Like You Mean It

brent spiner data Geordi Laforge levar burton smile Star Trek - 5694295808
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Beats Earl Grey any day

brent spiner Captain Picard data drunk earl grey pan-galactic gargle blast pan-galactic gargle blaster patrick stewart Star Trek the next generation - 6461258752
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Mind Blown....

android brent spiner cat data internet spot Star Trek - 6325376000
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Data de los Muertos

brent spiner data spanish Star Trek - 5443750144
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Captain, I finally understand why you humans enjoy intoxi..ff inebreee.. being drunk.

brent spiner Captain Picard data drunk patrick stewart Star Trek the next generation - 6501094656
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Make it 'Fro

brent spiner Captain Picard dancing data disco Jonathan Frakes Michael Dorn patrick stewart rave Riker Worf - 6287759616
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I'm sorry, sir... ...but Firefly isn't getting a second season

brent spiner Captain Picard data facepalm Firefly patrick stewart Sad second season sorry - 6441618688
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Life in Plastic

android brent spiner data fantastic plastic - 6404456192
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A New Hope brent spiner data Han Solo Harrison Ford Jonathan Frakes luke skywalker patrick stewart Star Trek william riker - 29273089

Star Trek Watches Star Wars

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It's Over, Whoopi

brent spiner calling Captain Picard data Geordi Laforge patrick stewart phone Star Trek whoopi goldberg - 5793318656
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brain brent spiner data definition klingon starfleet - 6459281152
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No worries, I can drive a stick shift!

brent spiner data driving enterprise Jonathan Frakes manual Michael Dorn william riker Worf - 6575580416
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Data's Studies

brent spiner human data Star Trek - 6926292736
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Yarn Trek: The Next Generation

best of the week Captain Picard cute data doctor beverly crusher Geordi Laforge Riker Star Trek Worf yarn - 6019786752
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I'm a Doctor Not a Dancer

brent spiner dancing data doctor beverly crusher gates mcfadden Star Trek - 5375581440
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That Holodeck Program Got Weird

data mashup Star Trek TNG Sherlock - 7989487104
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