Set Phasers to LOL


Or Start Drinking More

confused cross dressing drinking jude law quit robert downey jr sherlock-movie sherlock holmes Watson - 5707060992
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You Know, it's days like this that make me ask...

Colin Ferguson confused eureka henry deacon joe morton scotty sheriff jack carter - 6288080896
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So You Just Eat Them Alone Then?

the office confused - 8121816064
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Well, that's what we call them in Canada

Captain Kirk klingons Spock confused Leonard Nimoy Star Trek William Shatner cut Shatnerday - 6710894848
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And No, I haven't seen your silly hat!

mary poppins jenna-louise coleman Matt Smith doctor who confused set Clara Oswin - 6847469056
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Well, isn't everything better then Twilight?

Ron Weasley rupert grint twilight everything confused - 6595094016
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What the hulk just happened?!

avengers beat down best of the week confused hulk loki tom hiddleston what happened - 6228812544
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chewbacca confused Han Solo Harrison Ford line luke skywalker Mark Hamill star wars - 6577934336
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Boba Fett's First Day

best of the week boba fett bounty hunter confused star wars toy - 6075504640
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It says "shake well before use."

aragorn confused instructions Lord of the Rings viggo mortensen - 6556408576
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The red light on the camera just went on... That means we have to act now right?

acting arnold rimmer camera chris barrie confused craig charles danny john-jules dave lister kryten light red dwarf robert llewellyn the cat - 6233680896
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Fangirls think we do what?

slash john sheppard rodney mckay what confused fanfiction fangirls david hewlett joe flanigan - 6683337728
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Young species are so interesting.

cheezburger farscape confused zotoh zhaan Cats - 6831095808
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For the LAST time, I AM NOT the chick from 'MythBusters'!!!

claudia donovan allison scagliotti warehouse 13 confused mythbusters - 6875857920
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Okay, Now Many More Words!

30 rock NBC confused funny - 8026369792
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"What do you mean he's not Lenny Kravitz?" "And I've been singing 'Are You Gonna Go My Way' to him all day."

confused Daenerys Targaryen Emilia Clarke Game of Thrones lenny kravitz mixed up singing - 6303215872
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