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What do you mean, newspapers get wet?

bad idea confused protection Sanctuary what do you mean - 6330005760
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Was there life before Wi-fi?

gary bell confused book Alphas Ryan Cartwright - 6742447616
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Musical Comedy... it is a difficult concept

Star Trek Captain Picard patrick stewart data brent spiner confused android - 6600163328
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That goes for me too, Bro!

joe morton fargo allison blake jack carter alternate universe Colin Ferguson eureka confused henry deacon salli richardson-whitfield flying - 6780275712
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Harry, where's my wand?

wand Alan Rickman Harry Potter snape confused lost - 6607820032
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castiel misha collins Supernatural confused - 6576562176
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battleship confused rihanna taylor kitsch - 6243359488
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WTF Sci-Fi Book Covers: The Devil Rides Out?

book covers books confused cover art devil expressions faces horse science fiction wtf - 6368606976
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WTF Sci-Fi Book Covers: The Sodom and Gomorrah Business

wtf book covers cover art books confused science fiction - 6818457344
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They Must Not Have Furniture

friends TV confused Joey - 8062984704
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luke skywalker star wars dark side psy gangnam style Mark Hamill confused Video - 43537921

Confused By the Dark Psyde

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That moment you learn you die at the end of the movie.

bernard hill confused die end moment Movie Sad Theoden - 6238331904
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WTF Sci-Fi Book Covers: The Cineverse Cycle

wtf science fiction cover art book covers books bunny monster confused dark - 6655945472
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On second thoughts, let's get out quick and pretend we never saw her...

grimm Silas Weir Mitchell david giuntoli scared confused nick burkhardt monroe - 6949452032
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But you ARE sure of a big surprise...

russell hornsby woods hank griffin grimm david giuntoli confused nick burkhardt - 6968420608
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Close enough

alien alien vs predator Aliens battleship chess confused game Predator queen wrong - 6150399744
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