Set Phasers to LOL


Daniel, we really need to talk about your obsession with dying.

daniel jackson dying ginger jack-oneil michael shanks obsession regenerate Richard Dean Anderson Stargate Stargate SG-1 - 6300536832
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What Would You Do?

Jason Momoa ronan dex Stargate - 5522859008
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Did You Even Look at the Instructions?

amanda tapping dad samantha carter Stargate Stargate SG-1 wrong - 5823409152
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Painful Lesson

bow claudia black daniel jackson lesson michael shanks painful Stargate Stargate SG-1 vala mal doran - 5797020416
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You see? It *was* a banana in my pocket!

christopher judge corin nemec jonas quinn sg-1 Stargate tealc - 6081448704
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Awkward Moment

Awkward Moment christopher judge corin nemec jonas quinn Stargate tealc - 5742986752
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What is it?

stargate universe Stargate ronald greer jamil walker smith internet suspicious - 6584009216
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Proper Shooting Technique

brian-j-smith gun jamil walker smith matthew scott pew pew pew ronald greer shooting Stargate stargate universe - 6100309504
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Death Music rip Stargate Video - 37408257

R.I.P. Joel Goldsmith

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