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Death Music rip Stargate Video - 37408257

R.I.P. Joel Goldsmith

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You see? It *was* a banana in my pocket!

christopher judge corin nemec jonas quinn sg-1 Stargate tealc - 6081448704
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a cappella Battlestar Galactica best of the week challenge doctor who Firefly Fringe Music singing Stargate theme songs Video - 33650689

A Capella Sci-Fi Medley

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Something Blue

blue something soul Stargate stargate atlantis wedding wraith - 5708797440
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A world without stairs

Stargate dalek doctor who stairs happy - 6602711040
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We're Good So Far

amanda tapping christopher judge jack-oneil plan Richard Dean Anderson samantha carter Stargate Stargate SG-1 tealc - 6101708544
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trailers Stargate SG-1 video games Stargate - 47389953

There is a New "Stargate SG-1" Video Game Coming Out for Tablets

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Pffft..... Captain....

captain Colonel jack-oneil Stargate Stargate SG-1 unimpressed - 6105626880
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Now before you get all concerned, here's what I know to be was aliens

obvious Aliens samantha carter amanda tapping explain Stargate - 6815512576
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Best I can figure, The Wraith stopped fighting shortly after they discovered something called lolcats .

lolcats Stargate - 6674895360
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stop callin' me Ronan!!

Khal Drogo ronan dex Jason Momoa Game of Thrones Stargate stop mix up - 6581849088
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It's not as if I DELIBERATELY provoked the Wraith...

wraith endor accident rodney mckay stargate atlantis punishment david hewlett Stargate - 6622959104
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HEY YOU!! No Stowaways!!

Jason Momoa joe flanigan john sheppard ronon dex Stargate stargate atlantis threat - 6271502848
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We'll call this one Acid Planet

amanda tapping christopher judge jack-oneil Richard Dean Anderson samantha carter Stargate tealc - 5528952576
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Didn't I tell you there was a coat of glue on that table?

Stargate stargate atlantis Jewel Staite stuck table - 6583704320
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John, Calm Down

calm down Canada david hewlett joe flanigan john sheppard Stargate stargate atlantis - 5660711424
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