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I Used to be an Adventurer

adventurer arrow in the knee guard job Skyrim whiterun - 5620193024
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andy serkis anniversary book gollum reading The Hobbit Video - 42430209

Andy Serkis Reads "The Hobbit"

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No One!

andrew garfield glenn guns Rick Grimes stealing Steven Yeun The Walking Dead - 5939235584
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Wrong Closet

David Tennant tardis the doctor - 5420554752
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doctor who funny short sketch sonic screwdriver - 28171521

The Sonic Screwdriver in Action Movies

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What Did You Expect He'd Do With It?

Bilbo Baggins Martin Freeman pig Sherlock The Hobbit - 5929105408
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A Song of Ice and Skyrim

Game of Thrones comparison Skyrim - 6723681024
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Stopping Crime...And Vehicles From Getting on the Sidewalk

graffiti TMNT traffic - 8234615296
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DC fan film Video - 39981825

Fan Film -- Y: The Last Man Rising

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That Took Some Fabulous Secret Powers to Sculpt!

cartoons he man snow sculpture - 8082374144
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My eyes have to be playing tricks on me

bad gremlin William Shatner leave - 6981600512
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Well Said, Doctor

doctor who - 7258084096
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Could Use More Sonic

David Tennant doctor who Jackson Lake screwdriver sonic screwdriver the doctor - 5560236544
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It Truly is a Mystery

Office Space the x-files - 8171063040
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That ignorance is a bridge too far

actor alfred pennyworth michael caine sucks - 6437863168
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The Lord of the Penguins

Lord of the Rings elrond kids Fan Art - 6940933888
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