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Supernatural winchester brothers - 7380901120
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50 Shades of Timelord never fun played alone

companion David Tennant doctor who handcuffs Sad the doctor timelord - 6487517952
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British Television Olympics

funny olympics TV - 6470335232
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Puerto Rican "Avengers" Shirt: Seems Legit

Avatar avengers batman seems legit shirt Spider-Man - 5943336192
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patrick troughton the doctor eat doctor who favorite - 6679123456
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honest trailers The Hobbit - 56845825

Prepare Yourself for "Desolation of Smaug"

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Clearly, We're Dead

armor dead gun jason-omara jim shannon more nathaniel taylor Stephen Lang - 5788180992
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Do I Even Need to Tell You This?

cookies genius full house - 8180495360
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Sea of Green Meanie

the Beatles fishing godzilla song what the hell monster - 6715485952
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Along With The Great Ser Jorah Mormont

friendzone - 8194562304
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Damn it, Jim! I'm a Doctor not a Swiffer!

bones Captain Kirk clean damn it DeForest Kelley dirty im-a-doctor-not-an-x jim McCoy Shatnerday tribbles William Shatner - 6236770560
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The Masters

Fan Art doctor who the master - 7749766912
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saved by the bell documentary - 63468801

Have a Look at This Scene From the Upcoming Unofficial Saved by the Bell Story

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Modeled for you here by 'Thorin' and 'Kili'. Weapons supplied by Necromancer Foundries, Mordor, ME.

aidan turner kili richard armitage dwarves The Hobbit clothes thorin oakenshield - 6998168064
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He's Back

back dumbledore Harry Potter Michael Gambon - 5304263168
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I Pity the Fool Who Drinks Coffee

puns - 8257569792
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