Set Phasers to LOL

Vulcan Secrets

DeForest Kelley Leonard Nimoy live long and prosper McCoy Spock Star Trek - 5559204608
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He'll Be Fine

captain pike contract Leonard Nimoy red shirt Spock Star Trek the cage - 5942081280
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No "Stairway"??

Music Spock stairway to heaven instrument Leonard Nimoy Star Trek no - 6708050432
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How Long Until He Becomes Badass?

amy pond doctor who kids Matt Smith rory williams the doctor - 6337839872
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Just massage this in for me, will you?

Babylon 5 baldness hair londo mollari peter jurasik - 6509454848
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The Doctor Visits The Electric Company

amy pond doctor who karen gillan Matt Smith tardis the doctor - 5406410240
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Friendship is Forever

insults funny Michael Scott the office - 8080920832
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Aliens creep Elizabeth Shaw Noomi Rapace prometheus Video Viral Ad weyland industries weyland-yutani - 37914369

Aliens, Prometheus - Quiet Eye

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I Need Beanbag for My Corn Hole!

beavis and butthead puns - 8229602816
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Not Even One

william shatner star trek captain kirk firefly gets one season jersey shore gets six where's the logic in that spock? where's the damn logic in that
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The First Day is Always a Little Confusing

Captain Kirk Leonard Nimoy Shatnerday Spock Star Trek William Shatner - 5372871680
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A Little Privacy Please?

clothes doctor who Matt Smith privacy tardis the doctor - 5453175296
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Uncle Phil Forgot How To Be Smooth

fresh prince handshake - 8191629056
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Is here any way you can convince your Mom to be less intrusive on our dates?

Cheezburger Image 6319285760
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Dean & Sam Have Options

Cheezburger Image 7753551360
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At This Rate

darth vader ewok Princess Leia star wars wtf - 5771855616
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