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doctor who doctors dr horrible epic handshake - 5305818112
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batman christian bale heath ledger joke joker that awkward moment - 6435242496
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You don't like the fez?

companion FEZ Matt Smith santa hat the doctor - 6467677184
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Two! Two Blood! Ah Ah Ah

Blood Fan Art Sesame Street true blood vampires - 6592484096
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Wrong Closet

David Tennant tardis the doctor - 5420554752
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George Takei is Among Us!

george takei make it so patrick stewart Star Trek sulu - 5972785920
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rage Music Game of Thrones George RR Martin books - 52973569

Rage of Thrones

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Oh crap, how long do I have to pretend to like children.

william riker Captain Picard Jonathan Frakes crap deanna troi children patrick stewart - 6912158976
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avengers best of the week friends hawkeye Jeremy renner Nick Fury Samuel L Jackson superheroes Theme Song Video - 36186881

The Avengers as a 1990s Sitcome

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alfred batman bruce wayne mistakes practicing Short Film Video - 36851457

Batman: False Start

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Even the Brits Can Get in on the Action

football super bowl - 8031508224

Getting Old

900 years old David Tennant the doctor timelord yoda - 6406361088
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Comes with laser targeting too, I see...

the doctor Matt Smith doctor who River Song alex kingston sonic screwdriver - 6600098816
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Are You Going To Pay Your Debts Next?

Game of Thrones katy perry roar - 7908505856
sequel trailers Video video games - 34422017

Trailer: Borderlands 2

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When My Favorite Shows are on Hiatus

gifs Supernatural reaction gifs - 7604250624
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