Set Phasers to LOL

The Lannister's Are a Fun Bunch

behind the scenes Game of Thrones cersei lannister jaime lannister tyrion lannister - 7712426496
Created by Unknown

Oh My God, They Killed Sean!

best of the week Game of Thrones Lord of the Rings sean bean South Park - 5450817792
Created by sabrenaut

Star Trek - Four Captains

avery brooks captain janeway Captain Kirk Captain Picard captain sisko captains Deep Space Nine kate mulgrew painting patrick stewart Star Trek the next generation the original series voyager William Shatner - 6494611200
Via Tim Gabor

Mega Star Wars

8 bit Fan Art mashup mega man NES star wars - 6578206464
Via Sound of Design

Hipster Frodo

Frodo Baggins hipster Lord of the Rings mainstream sam gamgee - 5917682944
Created by Unknown

If I Were the Doctor, the Star Wars Universe Would Be My First Stop

doctor who movies scifi star wars TV - 6549656576
Via Geeks of Doom

Does That Mean She's Improved?

kristen stewart movies snow white snow white and the huntsman still more expressions wait - 5926958848
See all captions Created by ClaraGrobanfan

Tic Tacs People

breath Leonard Nimoy Spock Star Trek years - 5779013120
See all captions Created by Unknown

...because yours is clearly off his tree!

Babylon 5 bald hairstyle londo mollari peter jurasik - 6173676032
See all captions Created by beernbiccies

Maybe Pull Him Off Cooking Duty

again chewbacca cooking hair kitchen soup star wars wookie - 5374370304
See all captions Created by anselmbe

Some people pick a fight, others like to pick other things

Supernatural misha collins Jared Padalecki - 7044834560
See all captions Created by Greybeard55

Battle of the Cancelled: Farscape Vs. Andromeda

ben browder cancelled chiana claudia black farscape gigi edgley ka-dargo Kevin Sorbo poll tv shows - 5845132032
Created by Unknown

The Church of Master Chief

Fan Art stained glass master chief halo video games - 6866808832
Via MartianGlassWorks

Can I Get Back on the Computer

Alphas computer david strathairn gary bell lee rosen Ryan Cartwright - 5506331136
See all captions Created by Unknown

It's a bit late now...

dragon dwarves forgot that awkward moment The Hobbit - 6524686336
See all captions Created by spandrel

Lord of the Rings - Mistakes Were Made

bernard hill decisions Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings minecraft mistakes Theoden - 6353629184
Via Reddit
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