Set Phasers to LOL

Dalek & Co.

daleks doctor who Exterminate notice the doctor - 5476000000
By OryuKitty

Firefly and Aliens Share the Same Universe

Aliens best of the week crossover Firefly Joss Whedon logo serenity weyland-yutani - 6238005504
By Unknown

Dammit, you're trying to lead again!!

Ellen Ripley sorry Aliens teaching sigourney weaver - 6589431808
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Now they just have to get rid of that annoying Gary!

gary bell last time season finale Alphas Ryan Cartwright - 6792391168
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Sure Old Man, I'll Get Right On That

Andrew Lincoln get off my lawn hershel greene lawn old man Rick Grimes scott wilson sheriff zombie - 6399668224
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Total Bummer

dean winchester impala Supernatural - 7965694208
By Unknown

And My Axe...

guitar star wars Music g rated - 7946809088
By Unknown
Fringe future John Noble joshua jackson peter bishop season 5 trailers Video Walter Bishop - 42431745

Trailer: Fringe Season 5

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Emily Osment Starring in a Rainbow Brite Reboot

cartoons - 8256393472
Via wree

Right, that's it then. I am NEVER using gHarmony again!

annie being human bloody ghost lenora crichlow - 6186481408
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A New Electric DeLorean

back to the future cars DeLorean news time travel - 5335746048
By Unknown

The Origin of Pluto's Name

disney - 8231780352
By ShrugsMcMeh

Harry Potter the musical

Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter musical singing - 6445073408
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darth maul fabulous demotivational - 7616723200
By xyzpdq1
Buffy the Vampire Slayer The Walking Dead - 46534913

Emma Caulfield Takes the "Walking Dead" Character Quiz

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And for lubricant you can't beat our snake-oil!

peter jackson Martin Freeman Bilbo Baggins The Hobbit - 7000143360
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