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I Think I Need a Doctor

bennedict cumberbatch billie piper christopher eccleston doctor who Martin Freeman rose sherlock bbc sherlock holmes the doctor Watson - 5356506880
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kate mulgrew behind the scenes voyager Star Trek robert picardo - 53588225

A Tour of Voyager from Awkward Actors

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Hogwarts Textbooks

books Harry Potter Hogwarts - 6629269248
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Nothing is Safe

benedict cumberbatch doctor who Sherlock Star Trek Steven Moffat - 7997672192

I Knew You Were Tribble

taylor swift tribbles Star Trek - 7427475968
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Bad Lip Reading hunger games Video - 42252289

Hunger Games Gets The Bad Lip Reading Treatment of the Day

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Our Colour is Fading

Alan Rickman device galaxy quest sigourney weaver - 5505246208
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doctor who reaction - 6681219072
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The Dark Knight Rises 3D Street Art

3d batman Street Art the dark knight rises - 6437176832
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That's a Real Show of Commitment

chips that 70s show dating - 8284352768
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The Line That Never Fails For Ole Sand Shoes

10th doctor pick-up lines - 8217193728
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camera douglas fargo erica cerra eureka jo lupo listen neil grayston - 6484451840
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I under- stand that Sulu is insecure, but did he HAVE to bring that dumb stuffed dog along AGAIN??

Star Trek scared - 6613408512
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Don't Care How Long it's Been

carrie fisher darth vader parenting Princess Leia star wars - 5778162176
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Gaters Gonna Gate

gate haters gonna hate jack-oneil Richard Dean Anderson Stargate - 5595696128
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Alphas cylon david strathairn lee rosen - 5906947840
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