Set Phasers to LOL

Welcome to your virtual wedding!

cake Anna Torv Fringe peter bishop Olivia Dunham joshua jackson wedding - 7096378880
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Well you'd be pretty pissed to if you had a rod stickin out of your head!

angry bloody farscape head hurt rod Scorpius - 6329671680
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Hey, wait a minute! You're not my first officer, you're that creepy guy from that 'Heroes" show. . . .

Captain Kirk heroes actors Spock Zachary Quinto secrets William Shatner different chris pine - 6895460608
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Are You Trying to seduce me?

colin morgan king arthur trying wizard - 6263584000
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The Cost of Being Iron Man

avengers - 6462488576
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Can't See a Thing In Those Helmets

bar shots star wars stormtrooper - 7767176192
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You're Gonna Have Fun Whether You Like it or Not!

kids summer bobs-burgers funny - 8282312960

Tour Skyrim

posters Skyrim the elder scrolls tourism whiterun - 6035461120
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Still an Adventurer

arrow to the knee guard shield Skyrim - 5569314304
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Well, that's what we call them in Canada

Captain Kirk klingons Spock confused Leonard Nimoy Star Trek William Shatner cut Shatnerday - 6710894848
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We're Both English, You'd Think...

clara oswin oswald Harry Potter spells the doctor jenna-louise coleman Matt Smith doctor who - 7027218688
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Music rap Dan Bull Video Halo 4 - 44140033

Halo 4 Rap

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900 years old

900 years old doctor who Matt Smith the doctor timelord yoda - 5344913152
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Let me drive.

computer dean winchester drinking drive internet Jared Padalecki jensen ackles meme sam winchester Supernatural - 6329578752
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And why there are no exterminators in the area

dragon wasps Movie giant cheap syfy - 6845696512
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amy pond arthur darvil doctor who karen gillan Matt Smith pond life rory williams the doctor Video - 41252609

Doctor Who - Pond Life Part One

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