Set Phasers to LOL

Get a grip on yourself!

dancing revolution - 6578877696
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It Buzzed At Me

adam baldwin captain malcolm reynolds Firefly games jayne cobb nathan fillion shot simon tam - 5505440256
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Being a Warrior Will Hurt

john hurt doctor who 50th anniversary - 7917931776
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And we thought they were fierce when they were sober

klingons McCoy Spock uhura Star Trek - 6946744832
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Fan-Made 2012 Power Rangers Trailer

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alien Movie parasite stephenie meyer trailers twilight Video - 35851777

Trailer: The Host

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Steamed Broccoli is so Sick!

cartoons funny - 8173263872
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Wow. Much Picture

jean-luc picard meme - 7910197248
Created by Unknown

They Should Have Gone Somewhere They Didn't Need Roads

DeLorean back to the future speeding police - 7881031680
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My hand to eye coordination is not what it used to be.

creepy eyes monster pans-labyrinth - 6329818880
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hunger games mistake - 7019642112
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william riker Captain Picard Jonathan Frakes Star Trek patrick stewart - 6781745152
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Oh My!

george takei Star Trek - 5408917248
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Can't Put My Finger On It

camera feeling kristen stewart snow white and the huntsman strange - 5906865664
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Taxidermy AT-ST Heads

heads star wars Fan Art hunting - 6991728896
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bane batman bruce wayne call me maybe carly rae jepsen Song Parody Video - 40534273

Batman Maybe

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