Set Phasers to LOL


gates mcfadden android Captain Picard the next generation kissing Star Trek patrick stewart beverly crusher - 7023908864
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All these technological advances, and they still can't design a comfortable chair!

Aliens chair charlize theron comfortable design prometheus technology - 6184106496
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It's All Relative

Staring the office - 8239996416
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Why can't people die according to my schedule?

annoying bennedict cumberbatch die Sherlock sherlock bbc - 6538469120
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Psychic Paper

bbc FAIL Martin Freeman sherlock bbc Watson - 5684610816
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Fifty Shades of Earl Gray

robe earl grey Captain Picard fifty shades of grey the next generation book Star Trek patrick stewart - 6697256448
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Aliens scifi movies Video - 50512897

Aliens speedrun

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TV the simpsons - 59058689

French Director Sylvain Chomet Does The Simpson's 'Couch Gag"

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loki Thor mashup the powerpuff girls The Avengers iron man captain america - 47590401

The Powerpuff Avengers

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Brace Yourselves

star wars - 7000556800
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classic who convention - 273925

Two Classic Doctors Recite 11's Best Speeches

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Keeping the Show Great

allison scagliotti claudia donovan contract director love warehouse 13 - 5373016320
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Amber Heard as Thor

Thor gender swap Fan Art The Avengers mjolnir - 6972688640
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Battlestar Alphatica: The Next Gen Chronicles

Alphas android crossover cylon david strathairn lee rosen - 5971340544
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He Makes A Mean Martini, Too

dancing gif picard - 7982419712
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Just a Little

jason-omara jim shannon nathaniel taylor Stephen Lang terra nova too late - 5709388800
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