Set Phasers to LOL
commander shepard disappointed FAIL mass effect parody song Video - 36851713

The "Mass Effect 3" Ending Song

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My Other Time Machine is a Taris

Matt Smith 11th Doctor doctor who - 7809895424

That's Not True! That's Impossible!

cat darth vader i am your father owner Star Trek - 6108578560
Created by jakesaid1

Mass Effect Monopoly

board games commander shepard mass effect monopoly mordin solus video games - 5654944000
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And You Thought it Wasn't Possible

blind cheese the simpsons - 8254467840
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OK, if negotiations stall... drag your nails down the blackboard like THIS

Captain Picard Guinan patrick stewart whoopi goldberg - 6195863552
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Walter Undergoes Regression Therapy

fire Fringe John Noble therapy Walter Bishop - 5931257344
See all captions Created by Gror

Theoden-King, Horrified

bernard hill depressing king Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings more noooooo realization Theoden - 6305924864
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enterprise noise Star Trek - 30636033

24 Hours of the Enterprise Engine Noise

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Harry Potter and the Deathly B.O.

arm emma watson Harry Potter hermione granger ralph fiennes voldemort - 6379798528
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Fantasy Author Recreates Men's Poses

author Awkward best of the week book covers books fantasy posing shirtless men - 6153686016
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No, Leonard, turn your hand around...

Spock facepalm Leonard Nimoy Star Trek - 7021202176
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Last Night: Syfy's Christmas Episodes

christmas special - 5530821376

Single, handsome, intelligent male seeks visually impaired companion.

Ad blind companion dating doctor who forget handsome silence - 6255052032
See all captions Created by larscog

Ordinary Batman Adventures

batman bruce wayne cereal dead hero parents Sad - 5973092352
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I Wonder What Else is Trembling Then

gif David Tennant doctor who - 7653010176
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