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C'mon Girl, Let Eisenhower Rock Yo World!

funny history Photo war - 5368143616
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Urgent Message From Hogwarts!

funny military Photo shoop war - 4778513664
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The charge of the Silly Hats Brigade.

army hats war - 6575512832
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This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

funny historic lols military Photo technology war - 5315148800
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Damn Civilians Got They Cups, But They Ain't Chipped In!

color fake funny propaganda rap soldier war - 4802840576
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we've got alot of envelopes to slice open, boys.

art Battle funny soldiers war - 3775712000
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Let's see them blow those blasted vuvuzelas now.

Battle funny meme soldier war weapon - 3706110976
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Yubb To The Mutha F**kin' Nubb

fake funny shoop soldiers star wars war - 4658149632
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The New Guy...

art Battle color funny illustration soldier war - 4803940864
By kelsrib

Boys Night? Impossible!

art color funny illustration war - 5196816640
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Man, they're serious at this library!

funny Photo photograph soldier war - 4012281088
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demotivational fake funny historic lols illustration military war - 5769957632
By xyzpdq1

Free Trip!* Some Restrictions May Apply

Ad funny war - 4668406528
By Unknown

I'm gonna be totally invisible there!

war helmet cover - 6696716288
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The Hotel Was a Bargain Until It Blew Up

war fire smoke vacation - 6881326336
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Before there were cruise missiles

boat ship war - 6620335360
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