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Let's see them blow those blasted vuvuzelas now.

Battle funny meme soldier war weapon - 3706110976
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War is hell

fashion war helmet soldier - 6702105088
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The officer later fell victim to an unfortunate friendly fire incident.

animals funny Photo photograph soldier war wwI - 4043137024
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German Shepherd

dogs funny historic lols Photo war - 5333775360
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The use of elepahnt gas is officially banned by the NATO convention

elephant gas girl war - 6479481088
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Break It Down

funny Photo photograph soldier war - 4268699392
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Pole The Wood.

art color funny illustration lady soldier war - 5393876480
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Yubb To The Mutha F**kin' Nubb

fake funny shoop soldiers star wars war - 4658149632
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Toys R Us at Xmas

art christmas funny holiday pop culture religion war - 3849771520
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If Only...

funny historic lols military Photo soldier war - 5511613696
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color demotivational funny Photo soldier war weapon - 5142336768
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Oh, Ziggy. Will you ever win?

funny Photo photograph pop culture soldiers war - 3733926656
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To Each According To His Weed

funny Photo stalin war - 4613758464
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Those Dirty Ratzis And They're Damnable Trickery!

art fake funny illustration shoop soldier war - 5930460672
By xyzpdq1
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General Washington, WOOD you like me to fetch your teeth?

art funny joke painting soldiers war - 4086628096
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Hey, fellas... Whaddya say we walk into a bar?

gentleman group scene photograph politics war WWII - 3556925696
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