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so we asked Hitler how was his Easter...

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Damn Civilians Got They Cups, But They Ain't Chipped In!

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Does That Mean No More Nicolas Cage Films?

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Ooohhh I'm Soooooo Scared!

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You must find and shoot down this "Snoopy"!

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When The Army Used Bombshells...

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Honey! Look What I Picked Up In Bangkok!

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Alright Boys, Let's Have A Clean Crusade

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I Messed :(

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Yea this will teach those vampires

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Meeting An Ex Should Never Be Taken Lightly

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Those Dirty Ratzis And They're Damnable Trickery!

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The officer later fell victim to an unfortunate friendly fire incident.

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Yeah Girl, You Know How We Do

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"Engrossing And Bursting ..."

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