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Time To Ditch This Crazy Scene

funny kids lolz Photo photograph religion school - 4225369344
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Remember When Television Required Effort?

funny Photo photograph technology - 4333082112
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No, But You're Getting There

funny ladies Photo photograph sexy - 4452730880
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A PENNY ON THE RAILROAD TRACK! How many times have I told those young whipper snappers that a penny on the track can cause something like this.

FAIL funny Photo photograph technology - 4052869120
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funny invention parent Photo photograph technology woman - 3707725312
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Lazy Ass!!

animals funny Photo photograph soldier war wtf - 4237238272
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demotivational FAIL funny Photo photograph technology - 4103396864
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Get Small And Keep It Churning!!

funny Photo photograph wtf - 4130374912
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demotivational funny Photo photograph wtf - 4332645376
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The Tables Have Turned!

funny Photo photograph witch - 4446551296
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The Highland Fling

funny military Photo photograph - 4530484480
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All the oxygen we can breath!!!

cheezburger funny Photo photograph pop culture - 4075680000
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She Was An Excellent Spy

bewbs funny lady Photo photograph sexy - 4494664960
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Ad demotivational funny Photo photograph - 4440514048
By xyzpdq1

The officer later fell victim to an unfortunate friendly fire incident.

animals funny Photo photograph soldier war wwI - 4043137024
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lalalaalaal... YOU SON OF A b*tch!

funny gentleman photograph prank - 3570475520
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