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Home For the Holidays

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By Unknown

A Little Precaution Goes a Long Way

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Honey! Look What I Picked Up In Bangkok!

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Everything Is Better With Weed

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Go To Time-Out, Mister!!!

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Last Chance, Junior...

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No Janis, this isn't an inconvenient time... It always sounds like my kids are sacrificing a cat in our living room

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MSG: For Great Justice

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Doping: the Early Years

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Sounds Like Fun!

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By nawtfromcitycat

No, sweetie, when Daddy "cooks the books," he doesn't put them in the oven....

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A Simpler Time

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The Smith family loved when Daddy read Vonnegut aloud on Sundays but, admittedly, some of the humor and political references just went right over the children's heads.

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Kids these days... ...next they want one on their room!

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Don't Pull his Finger!

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