Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.

Remember i told you 'forever'? I lied.

kristen stewart Movie actor robert pattinson twilight funny - 6725336064
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Is that a sword in your pants or are you just gladius to see me?

Joaquin Phoenix Gladiator Movie actor Russell Crowe funny - 6754221056
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we need to exchange insurance info friendo

javier bardem Movie actor funny - 6709561856
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"So, this is your first trip to the chiropractor?"

young frankenstein Movie nostalgia actor funny gene wilder - 6765543936
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Belle Are You Even Serious Right Now?!

Beauty and the Beast disney Movie funny - 6744887552
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Depp Lennon

actor funny Johnny Depp Movie - 6549232384
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Dat hair!

actor chris evans funny loki Movie summer blockbusters The Avengers tom hiddleston - 6566114304
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Movie paul rudd anchorman 2 - 49115393

Paul Rudd's Exclusive "Anchorman 2" Clip

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They Surely Avoid it This Time, Right?

art funny Hall of Fame Movie titanic - 6060884480
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You're Actually Bella? I'm Out.

actor chris hemsworth comic funny Hall of Fame kristen stewart Movie summer blockbusters - 6345159424
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Disney's Bohemian Rhapsody

90s animation comic disney funny Movie Music queen - 6551736576
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Like, REELLY tall!

80s actor back to the future funny michael j fox Movie nostalgia - 6553115392
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The Sound of Reckoning

actor bane funny Movie shoop summer blockbusters the dark knight rises tom hardy - 6552055296
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actor demotivational funny Johnny Depp Movie - 5465644544
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All I'm saying is that Blaine and Kurt were never right for each other

funny actor Movie - 6685219328
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Christopher Walken Is That Badass

Movie christopher walken - 7432086016
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