Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.

Bondage FAIL

Joaquin Phoenix Gladiator Movie actor Russell Crowe funny - 6750232320
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Slightly Skewed Movie Descriptions

film funny Hall of Fame Movie - 5868206336
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professional erection concealing maneuver

funny actor andrew garfield Movie Spider-Man - 6655817216
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Not realizing this was a silent movie, Nosferatu sang and danced his heart out as he did the time warp. He jumped to the left and stepped to the right, put his hands on his hips and brought his knees in tight, before the pelvic thrust drove him completel

funny Movie vampire - 6701918464
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yes, this pic will do nicely

80s animation disney funny Movie nostalgia - 6562743552
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actor demotivational funny Johnny Depp Movie - 5465644544
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AM I THE ONLY ONE who hasn't seen Big Lebowski?

the big lebowski john goodman Movie am i the only one around here - 6694881280
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Bane's Stunt Double

the dark knight rises Movie actor bane tom hardy funny - 6828087040
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U Ok?

funny Hall of Fame jurassic park Movie sam neill - 5967510016
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actor demotivational funny Movie scarlett johansson The Avengers - 5320314112
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At one point or another, everyone has probably auditioned for Star Trek.

star wars Movie actor funny Harrison Ford - 6757869824
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funny Movie star wars Sesame Street TV big bird darth vader demotivational - 6660099840
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Movie paul rudd anchorman 2 - 49115393

Paul Rudd's Exclusive "Anchorman 2" Clip

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You Can't Tell Me What to Do!

chris evans chris hemsworth funny gifs Hall of Fame mark ruffalo Movie summer blockbusters The Avengers tom hiddleston - 6217283328
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Not sure if inferioroty complex, or jelly.

funny actor kristen wiig Movie - 6675362304
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Uh,mister director? Do I get to,like,kill people in this movie?

director Movie jennifer lawrence - 6909123840
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