Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.


animation comic disney funny Movie peter pan - 6563646208
Via Love Disney Magic

I'm Willing to Overlook That

Joaquin Phoenix Gladiator Movie actor Russell Crowe funny - 6749428224
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Trust me. This will work even better than Viagra.

young frankenstein Movie actor funny gene wilder - 6728854528
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Celebrity Hunger Games

actor Alan Rickman chuck norris funny justin bieber kristen stewart Movie hunger games - 6549967104
By LaCucarachaBob

Hey Bby Imma Dust Yo Cropz

actor funny Movie taylor lautner twilight - 6011766272
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If you watch Beauty & The Beast backwards

90s animation Beauty and the Beast disney funny Movie nostalgia - 6561156096
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Ta be fair the Huggies was on sale so technically it wasn't a felony.

stealing Movie nicolas cage - 6692839936
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we need to exchange insurance info friendo

javier bardem Movie actor funny - 6709561856
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Oh, Gawd! It's coming this way!

matt damon Movie actor funny - 6793018880
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Michael Bay DGAF About Your Childhood

comic director funny Hall of Fame Movie - 6002176512
By tykebikemike

Want to blast dubstep at 3am when I have class at 8am? You're a daisy if you do

actor funny Movie val kilmer - 6489525504
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All I'm saying is that Blaine and Kurt were never right for each other

funny actor Movie - 6685219328
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Dat hair!

actor chris evans funny loki Movie summer blockbusters The Avengers tom hiddleston - 6566114304
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No, I'm sorry, you have the wrong lab.

young frankenstein Movie nostalgia actor 70s funny gene wilder - 6774949632
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what do you mean i dont kill people in this movie

Movie actor jennifer lawrence funny bradley cooper - 6819239680
See all captions By gwenygwengwen

He chose poorly

comic funny Indiana Jones Movie - 6576794368
By joeventures
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