Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.

I'd Pay to See This Movie

Movie whose line is it anyway - 7316853248
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At Least One of Us Will go out Like a Champ

funny actor Harry Potter Movie rupert grint Daniel Radcliffe - 6674750976
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At one point or another, everyone has probably auditioned for Star Trek.

star wars Movie actor funny Harrison Ford - 6757869824
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The Matricks

Andrew Lincoln Movie actor amc TV funny The Walking Dead - 6772368896
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Rhett Fails to Understand How Scarlett Connected with the pair on a Soul Level.

actor funny kristen stewart Movie robert pattinson - 6491086336
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You Can't Tell Me What to Do!

chris evans chris hemsworth funny gifs Hall of Fame mark ruffalo Movie summer blockbusters The Avengers tom hiddleston - 6217283328
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Bondage FAIL

Joaquin Phoenix Gladiator Movie actor Russell Crowe funny - 6750232320
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You may have a huge mallet

leonardo dicaprio cate blanchett Movie actor funny - 6819759104
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Like, REELLY tall!

80s actor back to the future funny michael j fox Movie nostalgia - 6553115392
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Not easy being green, it is

funny Movie star wars - 6685840640
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animation disney funny Movie nostalgia peter pan - 6577249792
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Why be Normal?

actor funny Hall of Fame Johnny Depp Movie - 5868066560
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Honestly It looks like his crown came from Burger King.

funny Movie the princess bride nostalgia 90s - 6641558272
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Ye age-old problem

funny actor Movie the princess bride - 6639536128
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actor demotivational funny Movie scarlett johansson The Avengers - 5320314112
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Hey Bby Imma Dust Yo Cropz

actor funny Movie taylor lautner twilight - 6011766272
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