Just Pretty: Behold This Cupcake

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By Unknown

Put a Bow on It!

dress bows pink - 6684750848
By Unknown

Are You a Barbie Girl?

Barbie Fluffy pink dress - 7033654272
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How Many Roses is Too Many Roses?

overkill Fluffy pink dress roses - 7033652480
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Pretty or Not: Barbie Bridal

Barbie bridal couture bridal fashion funny wedding photos pink wedding dress wedding gown - 5460468992
By Unknown

Turning Heads

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Why Wouldn't a Wedding Car Be Pink?

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Via Gizmodiva

Just Pretty: Spider Hat

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Via Nikita Pere

Bride? Are You in There? I've Gone Blind with Pink!

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By Unknown

Pink Tux

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Thats not a dougnut

Garter catch pink - 6872848384
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Lady Gaga's FrooFroo wedding

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By iamawesome12