Wow... That Trekker Bride Is Pretty Hot!

Crazy Brides crazy groom fashion is my passion nerds Star Trek themed wedding party were-in-love Wedding Themes - 3534585856
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cute nerds Star Trek star wars Video - 41494529

Nerdiest Vows

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Companion Cube Cake

awesome wedding cake bride Dreamcake funny wedding photos groom nerds nerdy wedding cake themed wedding cake Wedding Themes - 4368999168
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Halo Proposal

Crazy Brides crazy groom custom halo nerds over the top surprise video game were-in-love Wedding Themes - 3591192576
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Wedding Derp

Crazy Brides crazy groom derp fashion is my passion funny wedding photos groom jumping nerds nerds in love technical difficulties were-in-love - 3995178752
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