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Cutest. Groom. EVER.

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By Unknown

Crazy 88

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By Tiffany

The Walking Wed

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Via When Geeks Wed
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A Minecraft Proposal

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By Unknown

Just Pretty: Disney Princesses Cake

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The Third Frame Really Does it For Me

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By kyleo13187

Expecting High Waters?

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Via Anika London

The Most Casual Wedding of All Time

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Cold Feet in 3,2...

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By Unknown

Throw 'Em If You Got 'Em

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By Unknown
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Girl is Just Trying to Enjoy Her Nachos When This Fool Wanders In

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Shotgun Wedding or Security Detail?

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By Unknown

Plaid Stache Nuptials

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By Murf

Some of the guests were getting a little rowdy.

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By midgardette (Via Dawn Boyce Photography)