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At Least He's Helping to Clear the Clog

octopus handle weird tentacle - 7023285760
Via Art. Lebedev Studio

Captain America Picasso Print

art print weird - 6943221760
Via Geek Alerts

Why Shouldn't your Camera Be a Donut?

donuts weird - 7101960704
Via Premium Gear

USB Squirming Tentacle

creepy weird tentacle USB - 6864453632
Via Geek Alerts

Totoro, You've Lost Weight! And You're Terrifying!

costume scary totoro suit my neighbor totoro weird - 6975484160
Via Geekologie

Talk on the Phone and Avoid Looking Cool

electronics hand phone weird - 6629523712
Via New Launches

Creepy Finger Soap Set

creepy fingers soap weird - 6120183296
Created by Leeana ( Via Love Lee Soaps )

Sugary Vinegar Heat Bombs

jelly beans spicy candy weird hot sauce - 6678497792
Via Incredible Things

Little Third Ear Earrings

best of the week Earring Jewelry weird - 6347683072
Via Geek Alerts

\SpongeBob Plush Tissue Paper Holder

dispenser holder Plush tissue weird - 6493233152
Created by overtherainbow ( Via Tiny Deal )

Chainmail Running Shoes Because... Why?

shoes socks slippers weird - 6959096320
Via Geekologie

Edible Deodorant Candy

candy weird - 6748964608
Via Oddity Central

Eat Them Up, Yum!

christmas gross ornament tree weird - 6535543296
Via Laughing Squid

Minecraft Creeper Costume Hoodie

hood creeper mask hoodie minecraft weird - 6833366784
Via Geek Alerts

Be Somebody

faces frames photos weird - 4791838976

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