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Totoro Tote

bag Crocheted grey tote totoro - 6433888512
By corlista (Via Etsy)

Totoro, You've Lost Weight! And You're Terrifying!

costume scary totoro suit my neighbor totoro weird - 6975484160
Via Geekologie

Totoro Nails

fashion nails totoro - 4848446208
By Anonymous (Via

Giant Totoro!

huge Plush totoro - 4291707904

Totoro Sleeping Bag

baby best of the week floor miyazaki Movie totoro - 6307781632
Via Hello Adorable

Itty Bitty Totoro Charm

charm clay little miniature totoro - 6147746048
By vhalentine (Via Etsy)

Totoro Heart to Heart

chain Charms Jewelry necklace pendants totoro - 5097901056
By yael360 (Via

Totoro Towel Set

totoro - 4291705856

Totoro Watch

silver totoro watch - 5090999296
By regizgigiz (Via OverWorld)

Totoro wooden box.

accessory box character hand painted Painted totoro wood - 3881222400
By Unknown

Cat Bus Amigurumi

Amigurumi catbus character crochet Movie totoro - 4727746048
Via AmiVegan

Catbus Music Box

catbus ceramic totoro - 4291702528

Totoro Plush

felt grey handmade Plush totoro - 4613735936
By yael360 (Via

Totoro Amigurumi

Amigurumi crochet totoro wool yarn - 4836021760
By corlista (Via

Crocheted Totoro Hat

crochet ears eyes face grey hat string totoro - 4918263040
By corlista (Via

A Handful of Tiny Totoros

accessory charm clay pendant totoro - 4563069952
By yael360 (Via
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