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Friendly Envelopes

envelopes face Office smile stationary - 4491797504
By oufrii (Via

Happy Toast Necklace

accessory butter chain cute-kawaii-stuff face Jewelry kawaii necklace Painted polymer clay smile Teeny toast - 4014860544
By Unknown

Amigurumi Lion Plush

Amigurumi crochet cute lion Plush smile - 5296072704
By gretelcreations (Via

Higgs Boson Plush

Plush smile - 6401238272
Via Particle Zoo

So Thirsty

halloween mouth mug smile teeth vampire - 5356322560

Vampire iPod Cover

face fangs felt ipod smile vampire - 3999775488
By Unknown

Epicute: Sweet Tarts

bite cookies epicute faces icing lemon smile yellow - 5572788736

Epicute: Don't Eat Me

bun epicute face kitty knife roll smile - 5833804288
By Unknown

Pizza Pie Guy

Amigurumi man mustache pizza smile - 4756902656
By Croshame (Via

Epicute: Sammich Friends

bread cheese epicute faces ham olives sandwich smile - 4914284800

Epicute: Super Happy Ice Cream

candy epicute faces ice cream smile - 4531026944
Via chickens**

Cat Tofu Character Plush

bowties cat character cute Plush smile tofu - 5274083328
By fromjapanwithlove (Via

Epicute: Smile For a Rainy Day

apple bento cloud epicute face rain sandwich smile umbrella - 4885115904
By CuteFoodForKids (Via

Epicute: Calico Kitty Sushi

cat epicute face kitty nori rice roll smile sushi - 5733192704

Pearly White Tooth Necklace

chain face Jewelry necklace pendant smile tooth - 4193605376
By Unknown

Cuppington the Cupcake Necklace

accessory chain cupcake face Jewelry necklace smile - 3892852992
By Unknown

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