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Epicute: Crafter Cake

amazing art basket cake craft epicute fondant sewing - 5174442752

Mario Piranha Plant Hoops

handmade mario sewing video game - 6440982272
Created by ingopixel ( Via )

Go to Bed, Mousey

bed box DIY mouse pattern Plush sewing tin - 6276666880
Via Etsy

DIY Notepad Hot Pads

DIY love note notepad pattern sewing - 6264183808
Via Craft Zine

Ronky the Bull DIY Pattern

craft DIY fleece horns Plush sewing - 5319827200
Created by fluffels ( Via )

Gift For a Friend's B-day

felt gift Plush sewing - 6086138112
Created by MugiMugi

Keyboard Cat Quilt

Keyboard Cat quilt sewing - 5156566016

Chewbacca Soft Toy Sewing Pattern

chewbacca pattern sewing star wars teeth toy - 5293280256
Created by Pilgrim Lee ( Via )

Sew Your Own Big Soft Rocket

craft DIY pattern rocket sewing spaceship - 5180491264
Created by fluffels ( Via )

Needlepoint Abduction

alien cow craft needlepoint sewing stitching - 5774312192

Strawberry Retractable Measuring Tape

Plush sewing strawberry - 4514192384
Created by overtherainbow ( Via )

Yoki the Dragon Pattern

craft DIY dragon pattern Plush sewing soft - 4155231744
Created by fluffels

Love Elephant sewing pattern

cute-kawaii-stuff elephant Fluffy kit pets pink Plush sewing soft - 4060971520
Created by fluffels

Lullaby Lamb Pattern

DIY felt handmade lamb Pillow sewing sleepy - 6018830080
Via Gingermelon

Whale Plush Pattern

DIY fabric Plush sewing whale - 5881970432
Created by fluffels ( Via DIYFluffies )

You Are Getting Sleepy

craft DIY kit pattern Plush sewing - 3406941952
Created by Unknown ( Via )
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