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Cutest. Bike. Ever.

bicycle bike candy cupcake sculpture sweet - 6158002176
Via Gizmodiva

Miniature Doctor and Rose

rose sculpture tardis doctor who - 6675674368
Via Etsy

Precious Creepy Babies

Babies jewels sculpture creepy eggs spider - 6894678272
Via High Snobette

Spill Lamp

cup lamp milk sculpture spill tea - 5015068672
By Marielen

Handmade Wooden Kermit

muppets art sculpture Painted wood handmade Sesame Street - 6813836032
Via Laughing Squid

Cloud Factory

art building ceramic clouds sculpture - 4671701248

Li'l Ladybugs

clay handmade ladybug Painted sculpture - 5461118208

Kimono Cutie Girl

art felt girl sculpture - 4743698432
By PetitsPixels (Via

Monster Snack

dragon felt felted ice cream cone monster sculpture wool - 5230031616

Castle Dragon Bookends

castle sculpture dragons - 7012762624
Via Amazon

Big Squid, Little Squid

art felt girl sculpture squid toy - 6210071040
Via Laughing Squid

Steampunk GizmoDuck

Steampunk sculpture - 7132398848
By dahasn (Via Da Hasn)

Tiny Dalek just wants a hug...

dalek figurine sculpture tiny - 6552369152
By PaleGreenPants (Via Etsy)

Howl's Moving Lego Castle

art lego miyazaki Movie sculpture - 4729776384
Via MOC Pages

Ramen Noodle Robot

bowl eat ramen robot sculpture - 4603861248
By Sugar82 (Via

Nyan Cat 3-D!

art Nyan Cat pop tart rainbow sculpture - 4747777792
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