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Every man or woman worth their salt. Amazing to think such a everyday commodity was once a pricey luxury. So whether your salty over your steak or that SO that dumped you on the way side, know you can rub salt in the wounds and make it hit home with these punny and hilarious salt jokes.

Backyard BBQ Salt and Pepper Shakers

bbq grill hot dog pepper salt shakers - 6127113984
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Apathetic Salt Cellar

evil eyes jar salt - 4753518848

Salty the Snowman

clear salt seasoning shaker snowman - 5238284800

Drowning in Debt Salt Shaker

art figurine glass salt shaker - 6434102528
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Pac Man Ghost Salt and Pepper Shakers

ghost pac man pepper salt salt and pepper shakers - 5282289408

Magic Wand Salt and Pepper

pepper salt salt and pepper seasoning shakers table - 5351058944
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Watch That Salt Intake

food pixelated salt table - 4675366144

Salt and Pawpper Shakers

pepper salt seasoning shakers tableware - 5379418880

Snow Globe Seasoning

bear pepper salt seasoning shakers - 6279974144
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Ghosty Salt and Pepper Shakers

ghosts pepper porcelain salt shakers tableware - 6177326592
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Magic Wand Salt and Pepper Shakers

cute food magic pepper salt salt and pepper shakers - 5277211136
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Color Tubes Salt and Pepper

paint pepper salt seasoning shakers - 6091402240
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