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Priviet Comrade! Russian? We have all of your favorite Russian memes gifs and puns all wrapped up in a bow. Whether you're fluent in Paruski, or learned a few choice swear words from your grandma, all things Russian are here to give you a taste of the motherland.

Little Red Riding Hood Matryoshka

Little Red Riding Hood Matryoshka nesting dolls russian toys wood - 5702157824
By jerseychick (Via
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LOTR Nesting Dolls

Matryoshka Lord of the Rings characters russian nesting dolls - 6981482496
Via Etsy
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Babushka Russian Doll Earbuds

cute doll headphones ladies russian - 4833162240
By veronica72 (Via
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Russian Doll Measuring Cups

cooking Kitchen Gadget measuring cups nesting dolls russian toys - 3856359936
By Unknown
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Babushka Ice Tray

doll drink ice ice cube tray ice cubes Kitchen Gadget lady russian - 3971924480
By Unknown
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