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Futurama Yahtzee

bender futurama head robot shaker - 6306321664
Via Geek Alerts

My Keepon

dancing friend Music robot - 6074915840
Via Geek Alerts

HeartBots Robots

love robot silver toys - 4461952512
By maskedrabbitcrafts (Via Masked Rabbit Crafts)

Lime Love Robot Soap

heart lime robot scented soap - 4350903296
By Leeana Provan

On-X Plush

felt horse Plush robot - 5098953728
By sunflowerskins (Via

Bear Vs. Robot Wallet

bear robot wallet - 5746665216

It's Gonna Be Okay

cover face felt robot Sad tissue - 4871286272
By Sugar82 (Via

Hip Hop Puppy Loudspeaker

dogs electronic Music puppy robot speaker - 5418223616

Thank You, Helpful Robot!

eyes ipod robot share - 4606456576
By regizgigiz (Via Fred Flare)

Destroy All Hu-mans!

crochet Knitted love Plush red robot - 3391956736
By MsBarrows


gadget handy light rainbow robot - 3174075392
By Unknown

Robot Tote

bag bandage heart love robot - 3915028480
By Unknown

Ninja Matryoshkas

nerdy nesting dolls ninja robot toys - 3833951744
By Unknown

Robot TP Dispenser

bathroom dispenser face mouth robot toilet paper TP - 4249136128
By Unknown

Would You Let This Little Dude Roll Around and Clean Your Floors?

ball clean Fluffy robot pink - 7017262336
Via Gizmodiva

The Littlest Robot

finger robot sculpture tiny - 6577109504
Via Look at This Little Thing
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