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I once heard a very tall tale about rice, but I was sure there wasn't a grain of truth to it. 

Epicute: Kitty Rice Balls

epicute food kitty rice - 5278766080
Created by dizzykat28560


art bento bunnies epicute lunch meat rice veggies - 6091427584

Epicute: New Year Bento

bento cheese epicute fruit lunch meal rice veggies - 4324035328
Created by mamatong ( Via )

Epicute: Alpaca Noms

alpaca bowl epicute face rice - 5535673856
Created by Unknown

Epicute: Angry Birds Lunch

angry birds bento decorative epicute fruit ham meat rice veggies - 5116934912
Created by mamatong ( Via )

Epicute: Calico Kitty Sushi

cat epicute face kitty nori rice roll smile sushi - 5733192704

Epicute: Lunch With Bunny

bento bunny eggs epicute rice tofu - 5778818304
food inedible rice set toy Video - 21980929

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accessory bag cute-kawaii-stuff food handbag onigiri purse rice snack sushi vinyl white - 3194617088
Created by Unknown

Epicute: Pikachu Butt!

bento best of the week butt cheese epicute pepper pikachu rice - 5902220288
Via Juru

Koalas Love Sushi

koala nori Plushie rice seaweed sushi - 6300196864
Via Etsy

Epicute: Fish-Free Sushi

best of the week epicute fruit rice seeds snack sushi - 6276775936
Via Diet Killer

Appetizing iPhone Case

case iphone rice snack - 4602092800

Bento Buddies

bento epicute faces meat rice veggies - 6210346240
Created by Unknown

Epicute: Rilakkuma in a Curry Bath

cheese epicute rice Rilakkuma - 6545343488
Via Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi

Epicute: Panda Bento

bento box epicute lunch meal nori panda rice seaweed - 4246474496
Created by Ayu
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