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Go Ahead, Take Care of That Coffee With Extreme Prejudice

dalek nerdgasm doctor who mug - 7159317760
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Cupcakes in Cuptime and Cupspace

nerdgasm doctor who cupcakes dessert - 7412596480
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A New Way to Wear Time and Space

tardis nerdgasm doctor who dress - 7241335552
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These Piranha-Cakes Are the Best

nerdgasm video games Super Mario bros - 7323425792
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These Slippers Desire Your Brains!

nerdgasm slippers zombie - 7246327296
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Cuddle With a Creeper!

creeper nerdgasm minecraft Amigurumi video games - 7297628672
By tedybeardb (Via Etsy)

Get Medieval With Your Ice Cubes

nerdgasm - 7326846976

DIY Weeping Angel Barbie WIN

toy Barbie nerdgasm doctor who DIY - 6752317952
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This Light is Straight Down the Drain

nerdgasm light DIY video games - 7347163904
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In a Nursery Not-So-Far-Away

star wars nerdgasm - 7303512320
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The Bat-Helmet Will Protect Your Dome

nerdgasm batman - 7361236224
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These Mugs Are Perfect for the "Labyrinth" Fan in Your Life

nerdgasm labyrinth mug - 7241332736
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Paper Dragons > Paper Airplanes

nerdgasm dragons - 7159144704
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These Pillows Might Need a Little Coaxing to Work

pillows nerdgasm video games - 7168681216
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