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Under bright neon lights, the world appears surreal. Get that techno vibe on with these iridescent puns and jokes.

Paintbrush Utensil Set

cooking kitchen neon plastic utensils - 6046877440
Via Geek Alerts

Neon Panda Magnet

fridge magnet neon panda - 4899377920
Created by roxy_baby23 ( Via )

A Rainbow of Danger

colorful kitchen knives neon rainbow - 5997928704
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Epicute: Neon Expolsion

bright cupcakes epicute frosting neon - 6440130048
Via Diet Killer

Epicute: Neon Paint Splatter Cake

black cake crazy epicute fondant neon paint - 5769315840
Created by lizzieqr80 ( Via )

Epicute: Royal Cakelets

bright cake decorated epicute gold neon - 6276769024
Via My Cake Decorating

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