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Claude the Cloud

beads chain cloud face Jewelry necklace pendant rain - 4462202112
Created by ThePurpleShmurpleShoppe ( Via The PurpleShmurple Shoppe )

Mint Chip Necklace

accessories chain ice cream cone Jewelry necklace pendant - 4882529280
Created by i_has_kawaii ( Via )

The Deathly Hallows

accessories chain gift guide Harry Potter Jewelry necklace pendant - 5494703360
Created by Mitsuki_Ichigo ( Via )

Wearable Planter Necklace

chain Jewelry necklace pendant plant planter - 4398387968

My Geeky Valentine

chain heart Jewelry necklace pendant silver - 5754570240
Created by Jess ( Via )

Cutest Pony Pendant EVER

Bling gold hair mlpfim necklace pendant pink - 6440111872
Via Hawaii Kawaii

Sweet Talking Cheeseburger

accessories compliment Jewelry necklace - 4899024128

No More Lives!

Jewelry kitty necklace pendant zombie - 6160971264
Created by Buttercup916 ( Via Etsy )

Minecraft Diamonds are the Most Precious

necklace pendant Jewelry - 7027359232
Via Jinx

Tiny Message in a Tiny Bottle

bottle cord cork message necklace paper sand - 6107137536
Created by Poekey

Panda Bling

crystals face necklace panda pendant rhinestones - 6252627712
Via Etsy

Wear Your Best Friend

custom dogs handmade Jewelry necklace pendant - 5663098880
Created by roxo89 ( Via )

Origami Cat Pendant

accessories cat chain Jewelry necklace origami pendant silver - 5737341952

Cupcake Cooking Necklace

accessories baking best of the week chain cooking crystal Jewelry necklace pendant - 5361532416
Created by candiware ( Via )

ASPCA necklace

accessories animals charity Jewelry kitty necklace pendant silver - 4254218752
Created by Tinee-is-tiny

Me and Willie are Best Buds

acrylic chain Jewelry laser cut necklace pendant - 5985285120
Via Fickle Queen
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