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I'm Just a Little Nearsighted

chain geeky glasses Jewelry necklace pendant - 4968757760

Omnomatopoeia Necklace

Jewelry necklace - 4091608832
By Unknown

Tiny Rose in a Bottle Necklace

bottle chain miniature necklace pendant rose - 6422491904
By bitsofmash (Via Etsy)

Triforce Necklace WIN

Bling design legend of zelda necklace nerdgasm - 6586087936
Via The Awesomer

I Love You Sew

accessories Jewelry necklace thread - 5352157952

Curvy Necklace by Ugly Shyla

banner chain heart necklace - 6336701440
By uglyshyla (Via Etsy)

Dapper Octopus Pendant

bowtie Jewelry necklace octopus pendant - 6166027008
Via Super Cute Kawaii

Dark Coffee Necklace

black chain coffee cup Jewelry necklace pendant saucer spoon - 5417620224

Popsicle Necklace

Jewelry necklace orange popsicle yellow - 4886457600
By Robokitten (Via

Spidey Necklace

accessories Jewelry necklace pendant silver Spider-Man - 5209476608

Blinged Out Cupcake Necklace

Bling chain cupcake Jewelry necklace pendant rhinestones - 3366685696
By RegrubEseehc

Cupcake Cooking Necklace

accessories baking best of the week chain cooking crystal Jewelry necklace pendant - 5361532416
By candiware (Via

Heart on Display

chain heart jar Jewelry necklace pendant - 4554523136

My Head's Up Here, Crab!

necklace pendant video game Jewelry - 6769842688
Via Fashionably Geek

Elbow Nudger Pendants

cat custom dogs necklace nose pendant - 5052834560
By Haley (Via

Drip Drip Drop Little Raincloud Pendant!

accessories beads chain Jewelry necklace pendant raindrops - 4900028160
By Mef1027 (Via
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