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The second mouse is smart, and will always get the cheese. It's not always the early bird who gets the worm, so no more Mr. mice guy.

Gigeresque Computer Mouse

computer mouse - 6764192512
Via Neatorama

Catnip Mouse Head

cat catnip Crocheted gruesome head mouse toy - 6375282432
Via Etsy

Epicute: Siao Bao Bun Menagerie

animals bunny buns dinosaur epicute mouse - 4573636096
Created by Unknown

Your Charger Deserves to Be Cute Too

cat charger cute case cover iphone mouse - 7020427008
Via Gizmodiva

Strawberry Mouse

accessory computer mouse strawberry - 4325865472
Created by overtherainbow ( Via )

Epicute: Chocolate Cherry Mouse

cherry chocolate dipped epicute KISS mouse - 4287838720
Created by Unknown

Chocolate Computer Mouse

candy treat chocolate mouse - 7066300928
Via Geek Alerts

Rain, Rain Go Away

art felt felted figurine leaf mouse rain Teeny umbrella wool - 3442730752
Created by Unknown

Heart Mouse Pad and Optical Mouse Set

accessories computer electronics glow light mouse - 5418219776

Brass Cat and Mouse Door Knocker

brass cat home mouse - 6751813376
Via Etsy

Sound Advice

keep calm mouse teacup - 6529144064
Created by PandaLover567 ( Via Etsy )

Itchy and Scratchy Plushies

cartoons cat mouse Plush simpsons - 4973799424

Old School Nintendo Mouse

custom computer nintendo mouse - 6894623488
Via Neatorama

Epicute: Cat and Mouse Cakes

cake cat ears epicute face mouse tail - 4621306624

Epicute: Cheese, Meet Mouse

cheese cracker epicute mouse snack - 5181022976
Created by christellar

Go to Bed, Mousey

bed box DIY mouse pattern Plush sewing tin - 6276666880
Via Etsy
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