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Turn a light on, it's dark in here. Keep your day going with the flow with these airy light jokes and puns that will have you uplifted and feeling good.

DIY Foxy Lamp

best of the week fabric fox lamp light - 5563297280

Bowling Lights WIN

lamp bowling light - 6742507520
Via The Awesoer

Hot Chocolate USB Lamp

chocolate cool illusion lamp light USB - 5888765440

Avatar Bedside Lamp

lamp decor light home - 6836746752
Via Geek Alerts

Minecraft Light-Up Redstone Ore

minecraft light - 7100294656
Via Think Geek

It's a Lamp, It's a Book, It's a Dream!

books light magic - 7075151360
Via Lumio

Internet-Connected Night Light Houses

nightlight house internet light - 6975476480
Via Laughing Squid

Gummy Lamps

colorful decor gummy bears lamps light - 5323295744

8-Bit Fireplace Art

art fake fire light pixelated - 6262616832
Via Geek Alerts

Giraffe Night Light

lamp light - 6705640960
Via Land of Nod

Elephant Lamp

animals desk elephant kids lamp light Office paper - 3848898304
Created by Unknown

Kawaii Chandelier

chandelier cute flowers girly kawaii light - 5934576384
Via Hawaii Kawaii

Keep Your Tongue to Yourself

decor light - 4552976640
Created by Klemicat ( Via the graffik )

StrideLite Umbrella

umbrella yellow light bright safety - 7022129152
Via Geek Alerts

Pac Man Ghost Lamp

blue ghost lamp light pac man - 5524411904

Master Chief Helmet Lamp

lamp video game glass light - 7004151552
Via Geekologie
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