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Wee Link Plush

felt fleece legend of zelda link Plush - 5634098176
By CookieMuncher (Via

Zora's Sapphire is Finally Yours!

necklaces legend of zelda Jewelry - 7059037184
Via Level Up Studios

Triforce Necklace WIN

Bling design legend of zelda necklace nerdgasm - 6586087936
Via The Awesomer

Navi Earrings

accessories best of the week earrings fairy Jewelry legend of zelda navi - 5894912000
By kayschles (Via Elven Star Clayworks)

Legend of Zelda Master Sword & Shield

legend of zelda sword - 6960649728
Via Think Geek

You Found the RING!

legend of zelda Jewelry nerdgasm ring video games - 7401165824
Via Laughing Squid

The Legend of Zelda Playing Cards

games link legend of zelda cards characters playing cards - 6942609152

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