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A subtle knife. A simple instrument, but in a deft hand, a wonderful bladed implement. 

Switcheroo Animal Pocket Knife

animals knife metal - 6230822912
Via Laughing Squid

What Can't You Do With This Ring?

bottle opener knife Jewelry ring - 7020556544
Via Etsy

Shotgun Shell Knife is Weapony

knife weapon - 6981456384
Via Geek Alerts

Epicute: Don't Eat Me

bun epicute face kitty knife roll smile - 5833804288
Created by Unknown

Epicute: Balanced Breakfast

breakfast butter coffee cupcake epicute fondant jam knife miniature plate - 4524202752
Created by RhiiMixx

Dog Knife

cute dogs knife tableware - 4601681920
Created by hamburgerkaas

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