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Ice ice baby. Whether it's cold or diamonds, we've got all the chilly and scintillating jokes and puns to warm your heart.

Cold Shooter

frozen ice ice cube tray ice cubes - 6564084480
Via Neatorama

Top Hat Ice Bucket

drinks ice - 6322931712
Via Geek Alerts

Waiter, There's a Mustache in My Drink

drink ice ice cubes mold mustache - 6422796544
Created by veronica72 ( Via Girlz Lyfe )

This Soda Bites

fangs ice ice cubes teeth vampires - 5095384320

Koi Fish Ice Cube Tray

beverage drink fish ice ice cube tray ice cubes Kitchen Gadget - 3995296256
Created by Unknown

Epicute: Snow Cone Cupcakes

cupcakes epicute frosting ice spoon sugar - 6253963520
Via Bakerella

The Phone That Melts in Your Pocket

ice cube tray ice cubes ice iphone - 7000544512
Via New Launches

The Chiller 3D Skull Ice Mold

ice cube mold skull ice - 6954611456
Via Geek Alerts

Death Star Ice Mold

drinks star wars whiskey Death Star ice - 6866552576
Via Think Geek

Babushka Ice Tray

doll drink ice ice cube tray ice cubes Kitchen Gadget lady russian - 3971924480
Created by Unknown

Denture Ice Cubes

dentures ice ice cube ice cube tray teeth - 5007987456
Created by -Ghost-

Cubist Ice Skull Mold

mold skull ice - 6994768896
Via Laughing Squid

Ice Shot Glass Molds

booze cold ice mold shots - 6424697344
Via Geek Alerts

UFO Ice Cubes

ice ice cube tray ice cubes - 4791840512

Wear Your Snacks

accessory cream ice Jewelry miniature ring spoon strawberry tiny - 5125277184
Created by fromjapanwithlove ( Via )

Epicute: Hello Kitty Sushi

egg epicute face Flower hello kitty ice roll seaweed sushi - 4564243456
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