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A house is not a home, but it can be. If you make it, they will come, so put four walls up and chuckle at some house puns.

Brighten Up a Little

toy decor wood colorful home rainbow - 6978297600
Via Acorn

Gun Toilet Brush

brush clean bathroom gun toilet silly home - 6868752896
Via Geek Alerts

Dragon Skull Statue

skull dragon statue fake home - 6628675584
Via Geek Alerts

Keeping Cool in the Shade

decor home mario mushroom - 6552669696
Via Incredible Things

Constellations on Your Ceiling

home lamp light - 6717836544
Via Starry Light Lamps

Girl, I Like the Way You Left Your Mark on That Bench

furniture table decor home - 6901557504
Via Geekologie

Custom Climbing Wall For Cats

furniture boxes Cats wall home - 6748968704
Via Gizmodiva

Not Having a Bed Isn't So Embarrassing Anymore

home - 7059071744
Via Sight Unseen

My Roots State Map Prints

art heart home map print - 5778332416
By jerseychick (Via

Animal Head Coathooks

animals colorful heads home hooks - 4601677312
By hamburgerkaas (Via Capventure)

Don't Touch! It Burns!

lights lamps decor jellyfish home - 6925929728
Via Incredible Things

Fresh Futon Nido

furniture fold home - 6615010304

Mmmmmm... Burned Brains

candle brain clear halloween decor home - 6643537408
Via Geek Alerts

Get Your Smell On

booze cars home manly scent - 6568134656
Via Geekologie

Peephole Cover

decoration door home Owl - 4147262208
By Unknown

Hello Kitty Chandelier

bows chandelier decor hello kitty home lighting - 4304094720
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