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Just ham-ming it up. Some of these cured and aged memes and puns are just as funny and relevant as ever. Ham is just so versatile both as a lunch-meat, a Christmas roast, or even describing going completely nuts. Just remember, no joke will be better than West Ham. That takes the cake.

Teeny Ham!

ham miniature polymer clay sculpture - 4576688896
Created by tiffnebz

The Smallest Ham

ham miniature model pineapple - 5949096704

Epicute: Angry Birds Lunch

angry birds bento decorative epicute fruit ham meat rice veggies - 5116934912
Created by mamatong ( Via )

Epicute: Piggy is Ahead By a Nose!

bento box eggs epicute ham lunch pig rice - 5121712384
Created by Unknown

Epicute: Sammich Friends

bread cheese epicute faces ham olives sandwich smile - 4914284800

Epicute: Oinker Bento Lunch

bento eggs epicute ham pig rice veggies - 4635941632
Created by Squee-For-Mezaz09

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