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Gotta make some dough and keep the hustle alive. Or just make sure it rises or your cake will be a disaster. Whatever you're doing with your dough, you'll love these doughy puns that will stick to your insides.

Epicute: A Rose By Any Other Name

bread crackers dough epicute rose - 6403256064
Via Vandalised
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Epicute: Meta Cookie Dough Pops

chocolate chips cookies dough epicute pops Truffles - 6300986112
Via Bakerella
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Guilt Free Baking

cookie jar cookies dough felt kit play rolling pin set - 4970869760
By Shoelover (Via
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Epicute: Snacky Snack Keepers

dough face mouth strawberries - 6372597504
By Unknown
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Play Dough Meant to Be Eaten!

clay dough eat edible mold play sculpture - 4747464704
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