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Sushi Roll Necklace

accessories chain clay Jewelry miniature necklace pendant sushi - 5562035456
Created by candiware ( Via )

Lil Buzzer

accessories bee clay Jewelry necklace - 5198712832
Created by cutemomome ( Via )

Flower Grenade

bomb clay flowers seeds - 5012786944
Created by ingopixel ( Via )

Milk and Cookie Charm

cell phone charm clay cookies face milk snack - 4947338752
Created by misslovely ( Via )

Tenth Doctor Pendant

clay doctor who pendant - 4489164544
Created by flyingstar360 ( Via )

A Handful of Tiny Totoros

accessory charm clay pendant totoro - 4563069952
Created by yael360 ( Via )

Little Green Guy Necklace

clay monster necklace pendant - 6202358272
Via Etsy

Li'l Ladybugs

clay handmade ladybug Painted sculpture - 5461118208

Play Dough Meant to Be Eaten!

clay dough eat edible mold play sculpture - 4747464704

Tiniest of the Tiny

best of the week clay fish food fruit How To miniature - 5099502848

Handmade Cake Ring

cake cherry clay handmade miniature ring - 6088054016
Created by FeralCat27 ( Via Etsy )

Avocado Earrings

accessories clay earrings fruit miniature - 5076040960
Created by SushiKittehs

Itty Bitty Totoro Charm

charm clay little miniature totoro - 6147746048
Created by vhalentine ( Via Etsy )

Cute Monster Plush Yeti Clay Toy from Kriture

toy Plush clay - 7114582784
Via Etsy

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