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Cutest Muffins Ever!

accessory breakfast earrings Jewelry mini muffins Teeny tiny - 3914444544
Created by Unknown

Breakfast is Always Close at Hand

bacon bracelet breakfast eggs Jewelry miniature - 4992831744
Created by LolSamz ( Via )

Epicute: Now That's a Breakfast

bacon breakfast coffee cupcake epicute french toast - 4743111424
Created by nyxnite ( Via )

Breakfast Lamp

bowl breakfast cereal lamp - 5103212544

Epicute: Cake For Breakfast!

breakfast epicute pancakes - 4970433280

Breakfast Dental Floss

bacon breakfast coffee flavored - 5602525440

Domo Toaster

breakfast domo toast toaster - 6898355456
Via Geek Alerts

Egg and Toast Breakfast Earrings

accessory breakfast earrings egg Jewelry miniature studs Teeny tiny toast - 4162713344
Created by alliesminis

Epicute: Are You Sure This Egg is Fresh?

breakfast draw egg epicute fish ketchup - 4784647424
Created by CuteFoodForKids ( Via )

Epicute: Neat and Tidy

breakfast eggs epicute mold onions rings - 5967596800
Via Tywkiwdbi

Multitasking Weather Toaster

breakfast burn toaster - 6602544384
Via Laughing Squid

Birdie Egg Cup

bird breakfast red - 5071653120
Created by cyanidemartini ( Via )

Handmade Breakfast Platter Charm

bacon breakfast chain donut eggs necklace pancakes - 6058821376
Created by FeralCat27 ( Via Etsy )

Breakfast Garden

breakfast eggs epicute mold peppers - 6469914112
Created by Unknown

Epicute: Birthday Morning Surprise

birthday breakfast donuts epicute letters surprise - 5591695616

Epicute: Cupcakes for Breakfast

breakfast cupcakes donuts icing - 4509473792
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