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Scented Gummy Bear Bracelet

accessories bracelet candy gummy bears Jewelry scented - 5228156160
By KatsumiSS (Via

Cute on a Wrist

beads best of the week bracelet mlpfim my little pony - 6336431360
By PandaLover567 (Via Etsy)

Togepi Charm Bracelet

bracelet Charms egg pokeball Pokémon - 6348190976
By Kim (Via Oboro Charms)

Upcycling Done Right

bracelet Jewelry - 4586151424

Charms of Childhood

best of the week books bracelet Charms - 6434383616
By PandaLover567 (Via Etsy)

Take Note of the Time

bracelet notepad paper watch - 5351552768

Soda Pop Bauble

beads bracelet Jewelry pop rainbow soda - 6354265600
By Mitsuki_Ichigo (Via StarRise Roulette)

Must Have Nostalgia: Gimp Bracelets

friendship bracelet nostalgia crafts - 6749064448
By Unknown

Ooh Shiny!

blue bracelet cameo rose silver - 6528841472
By Carina (Via Etsy)
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