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Epicute: Cotton Candy Meringues

bowl cotton candy epicute meringue nest sweets - 6261094144
Via Cookies and Cups

Fishscape Fishbowl

bowl Fishbowl goldfish landscape mountain - 5287527424

Kawaii Sushi Plate

bowl dish japanese plate sushi - 6394274304
Via Etsy

Ramen Ring

accessory bowl food Jewelry miniature ramen ring - 4220074496
Created by Unknown

Happy Ramen!

bowl cute-kawaii-stuff dishes face happy Kitchen Gadget ramen soup - 4009143296
Created by Unknown

Clip On Chip & Dip Bowl

bowl chips clever clip dip smart snack - 6238974208
Via Geek Alerts

Kitteh Wuvs You!

bowl heart kitty love paint - 3578526208
Created by Unknown

Landscape Dinner Set

bowl cloud cup house landscape plate sun trees - 6203211264
Via Doiy Design

Breakfast Lamp

bowl breakfast cereal lamp - 5103212544

Magic Kitty Cup

bowl cat cup kitty magic milk - 5352214528

NFL Snack Helmet

helmet snacks bowl - 6868750080
Via Geek Alerts

No More Lonely Noodle Times

stand noodles bowl lonely iphone - 6997708032
Via Laughing Squid

Epicute: Alpaca Noms

alpaca bowl epicute face rice - 5535673856
Created by Unknown

Reclaimed Nut Bowl

bowl metal nuts Recycled repurposed - 4675226880
Created by christellar ( Via )

Epicute: Go Fish

bowl crackers epicute soup - 6120797440
Via Gastro Girl

Epicute: Orange Souffle

bowl epicute orange skin - 4696211200
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