Set Phasers to LOL



backwards luke skywalker Mark Hamill speech yoda yolo - 6568619008
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Just let me go, I promise I won't ever say YOLO again!

anakin skywalker natalie portman padme hayden christensen yolo force choke never - 6597434112
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I Have Better Things To Do

buffy summers Buffy the Vampire Slayer killing Sarah Michelle Gellar stab tired yolo - 6494590720
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David Tennant doctor who forever the doctor yolo - 6469220096
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Only Mystical Force He Believes In Is Alcohol

Han Solo Harrison Ford yolo vodka - 7984878336
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George RR Martin Game of Thrones Robb Stark yolo - 7895609088
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You only live once? YOU only live once.

yolo Matt Smith 11th Doctor doctor who - 7278959616
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yolo Matt Smith 11th Doctor doctor who - 7156671744
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