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Tiberius? I thought your middle name was Rheinhold.

Captain Kirk tombstone wrong Star Trek William Shatner Shatnerday - 6739187200
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Inception movies mistakes nitpicking wrong - 47845377

Everything Wrong with "Inception"

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I must infermigate! no I must interminate! no I must exferniate! WTF is my line ?

confused dalek doctor who Exterminate line wrong - 6408738816
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borg red shirt Captain Picard wrong the next generation Star Trek patrick stewart - 6939941376
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bernard hill Lord of the Rings mask quote Theoden wrong - 6092594944
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criticism fire jennifer lawrence nitpicking wrong hunger games josh hutcherson katniss everdeen - 46477313

Everything Wrong with "The Hunger Games"

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This is not Coke Classic, you idiot!

John Noble denethor drink coke wrong soda idiot - 6606082560
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Game of Thrones Season Two DVD: Seems Legit

bootleg Boromir DVD Game of Thrones ned stark sean bean seems legit wrong - 6280193792
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The Twelfth Doctor

doctor who Matt Smith pictures regeneration the doctor wrong - 5412707584
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But, my Lord Vader... ...this is... Star Tr...

darth vader force choke Nichelle Nichols Shatnerday Star Trek uhura William Shatner wrong - 6275873024
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liam neeson battleship movies taylor kitsch wrong - 48515073

There's So Much Wrong With "Battleship" They Had to Add an Extra Minute to This Video

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Wrong Show, Walter

Fringe John Noble joshua jackson meth peter bishop pudding show Walter Bishop wrong - 5808467968
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The look on your face when you miss one question on a test.

school star wars wrong test hayden christensen questions anakin skywalker - 7004912128
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Brace Yourselves

brace yourselves Lord of the Rings Memes Winter Is Coming wrong - 5530100480
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the dark knight rises nitpicking bane wrong tom hardy batman christian bale - 46150657

Everything Wrong with "The Dark Knight Rises"

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And if he lives their claims inspector is bound to revoke the Pre-Deceased discount!

Captain Kirk wrong William Shatner Shatnerday - 6685566720
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